We always knew Denver was a special dog, but on March 8th 2011 the whole world knew too. That was the day we uploaded the video of her infamous cat treat incident to share with our friends and family... but then they shared it with their other friends and family and then those people shared it with their family and friends and then eventually it was getting more than 40,000 views per day.

Now, over four years later, the video has received over 44 million views on YouTube. Since going viral, Denver has made several appearances on Good Morning America, FOX News, Inside Edition and many more local news stations. Sometimes, they even let us join in on the interviews and got to make an appearance on Animal Planet's "Bad Dog". You can check out some of these videos on our shiny, new video page over here.

To us, Denver is our family dog and we never intended to make her a superstar. She spends most days running around the backyard and lounging around with her family... neither of which are very glamorous. But her playful antics are just too hilarious not to share and we thoroughly enjoy mingling with her fans through social media. We know that every dog has a unique personality worth sharing and we just hope to provide a fun, safe platform to do so with other Denver fanatics around the globe. Enjoy getting to know Denver through her videos, books, and social media.