You may be one of the viewers who has seen this video a dozen times, or maybe you've yet to meet Denver, but either way just press play and see why Denver has stolen the heart of millions of viewers around the world.

Her guilty grin and nervous wag almost too much for the Internet to handle and after 44 million views (and counting), Denver the Guilty Dog has become a household name. Since going viral in 2011, Denver has continued to capture the hearts of pet fanatics around the world.

We never set out to make our beloved pet a viral sensation, but do our best to embrace the support we've received from her millions of fans. And while she lives at our house, Denver followers have been begging (pun intended!) to share in the joy of being part of her family. We've always maintained a very active social media presence, but we're excited to announce their new line of plush toys for pets + people so that you can bring Denver and Masey home with you too!

Plush Toys for People

Plush Toys for Pets


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